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Oh, to have had some of these books as a child, teenager, and young woman! Thanks for the roundup, and for introducing me to Virginia Sole-Smith.

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I love Burnt Toast too.

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Sarah, I'm crying reading this. I am so moved by the experience with your daughter. And I too felt so seen when I read Tyler Feder's book, especially by the hairy bodies. What it would have meant to read that text as a child. We love a couple of the others on your list too (learned about here, mostly), though I will say my kids sometimes like to twist the message of Body Boundaries to their parents disadvantage (e.g., "I'm not putting my winter coat on. It's my body boundary." hahaha!

And I love Burnt Toast too. Honestly, her newsletter has changed my thinking in more tangible ways than years of studying and teaching critical theory.

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"I'm already loved." Confirmation that you are an amazing mama (not that it was up for debate).

We all love Bodies are Cool and now I'm tracking down all of these other recommendations from our library. Thank you!

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Sarah, I'm so glad you started this conversation. For kids 8+, I highly recommend Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys. It's actually the counterpart to American Girl's The Care and Keeping of You!

I did tons of research a few months ago for a book that could help spark conversation with my 5th grade son, and this was perfect. It covers all sorts of topics: sexual development, body positivity for boys (!), and skin and body care. I was blown away to see a whole chapter on emotions...mood swings, new romantic feelings, etc.

Worth adding to the list!!

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