I didn’t know there were reading aloud skeptics out there! 🙀 My husband reads my newsletters aloud every week before I send them. I can’t tell you how many errors we catch that way!

Thanks for the brilliant list!

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I loved this post! I love the Jim Trelease book, as well. I have been working at bookstores on and off for two decades (whoa....just typing that out! LOL) and I've always recommended this to people who want an excellent book list for sharing with others. Why go to any other? Just skip straight to the best!

I have homeschooled my kids and read aloud to them -sometimes hours every day - for nearly their whole lives. It was a blessing in disguise as it became apparent both of my kids were dyslexic. They had perfect comprehension but didn't learn to read themselves until about grades 4-5. Now, they have a love of reading they'll have forever. It gives me so much joy to share one of my favorite things - books and reading - with them, as it's one of their favorite things, too!

Keep up the excellent work - here with this wonderful newsletter and the reading aloud!!

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Love this! I’m going to check my library for a couple of those books right now!

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